January 2005

CEO & Founder:

Pastor Colleen Bennett-Houston


Executive Board:


First Lady Charlatta Bennett


Pastor Cora Bennett


Overseer & Evangelist Rachel Hawkins


Missionary Authrine Watson


Pastor Cecilia Ruffin


Christa Platt



To encourage, support, and recognize Christian women in ministry, leadership positions, business & professional services, educational and home careers. To mentor and encourage young women who have a desire and goal to be active in ministry and leadership roles of the Church.

Mission Statement

GodsGirl2 Christian Ministries will recognize, encourage, support and mentor Christian women from various walks of life by recognizing their gifts, talents and contribution to the Christian and Civic community. Godsgirl2, also known as GG2, will honor these women at an Annual Banquet.

GG2 will sponsor a yearly Conference and Seminar where women who feel a call to ministry or are currently serving in ministry can come receive information, instruction, and encouragement through networking with other successful women in ministry. GG2 will host a monthly fellowship for Pastors, First Ladies, Elders and Minister's wives.


The Goal of GodsGirl2 Christian Ministry is first to honor women who labor in the gospel, ministry field and church work. We will host our GG2 Annual Banquet and Seminar-Conference that will honor Christian women in service, rewarding them for their service. Our goal is to teach women their value in Christ and in the Body of Christ and to encourage them to be the catalyst that God can use to change a life, a family and a community.

Our second goal is to raise funds that will support G.R.O.U.P. (God Reaching Out Using People) and True Believers Outlook Ministry, a 501 (c)3 not-for-profit, preventive, rehabilitation and restoration ministry that houses and helps women, men and youth whose lives have been ill-effected by drugs, alcohol, gang involvement or incarceration.