Honoring Christian Women Everywhere


To Recognize, Honor and Reward Women in Christ from Homemakers, Professional, Lay members to Clergy.

For so long many women have been in the church sitting and waiting for someone else to define and validate them when God has already done that. The Scripture is filled with Great Women in the Bible whom God used without apology. Psalms 139:14 declare, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth rightwell” (KJV). The woman of God whether black or white, rich or poor, educated or uneducated needs to walk in the knowledge and power of who she is in God. Without you my sister most churches would cease to exist or may have never came to fruition. You have been the prayer warriors, the amour bearers, the ushers, the teachers, the administrators, the orchestrates, the choir, the mothers in Zion and yes, the pastors that have many times failed to get the recognition that you deserve. GodsGirl2 wants to acknowledge and give you your flowers now, while you live.

Application Process

The person whose name is submitted must be a Christian woman attending and committed to church on a regular bases and a member in good standing. She must be operating in the area that her application is submitted for (i.e. homemaker, layperson, pastor, business/professional).

Her pastor's name and the name and address of her church must be listed with a phone number. The complete application form and letter must be completely filled out and submitted by the dead line date of March 1st.

All packages must include a one to two page, double spaced letter that states why the person being nominated should receive the "GodsGirls2" honorarium and award. Please tells us about the person's activities, leadership qualities, professional and business achievements, awards, other nominations and all personal achievements. Also, please submit one 5x7 photo, (photo will not be returned).

All decisions of the judges are final.

Staff members of GodsGirls2 cannot participate or be nominated. However, they may nominate other friends and family members for consideration. Judges cannot be nominated.

Nominees are admitted to the banquet free all other friends and family must purchase a ticket.


  • Home Career (ex: wife, mothers, grandmothers, etc)
  • Church Worker (ex: layperson, usher, Sunday school teacher, etc)
  • Professional/Business
  • Clergy


  • First Place
  • Second Place
  • Most Valuable Man

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